We provide translations according to a process that guarantees the job is done on time, accurately and in accordance with the client’s expectations.

Stages of the translation process:

  • The material is sent for a quote.
  • We prepare the quote and present it to you with the proposed delivery date, based on estimation of the volume of material.
  • Once you’ve approved it, we select the right translator, based on the language, subject and any additional needs.
  • The translator sends the completed translation back to our office.
  • The translated text is proofread. We verify its conformity with the original document, its linguistic correctness, coherence and compliance with what the client’s specifications.
  • The completed document is returned to the client.
tłumaczenia na poczcie


As an official Partner of Poczta Polska (the Polish postal service), ArcusLink offers a special translation service, both normal and certified, from selected Poczta Polska offices throughout the country. At these post offices’ financial services counters you can order translations to be delivered by registered mail or courier (Pocztex 24h) to an indicated address. This service is designed for individual clients to order translation services right from their own post office.

tłumaczenia na poczcie